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Becoming Increasingly Dependent on Alcohol?

As the capital city of California, Sacramento is home to a large and diverse population. It is also one of the largest cities in California and is a popular tourist destination. This coupled with the fact that the city is home to many universities and colleges ensures that Sacramento is host to many wild parties. If you are a Sacramento resident, you have probably noticed yourself or a loved one falling prey to alcoholism.

  • Do you feel that you need alcohol to get through a normal workday?
  • Do you feel anxious, irritable and depressed when you haven’t consumed alcohol in a while?
  • Have you found yourself binge drinking and blacking out?
  • Even though you are aware of the negative effects of alcohol on your health, have you acknowledged how it affects the people close to you?
  • Partying and social drinking can be fun, but is the line between social drinking and alcohol dependency slowly blurring?

Our Addiction Rehab has been helping Sacramento residents overcome alcoholism over the years. We can help you or a loved one kick the habit and move on to a healthier lifestyle.

Alcoholism is a Growing Problem

Acceptance is the first step to recovery. Most alcohol-dependents are in denial as alcoholism is a growing concern in most cities in California. However, Sacramento is one of the few cities in the state where the rates of alcoholism are lower than the state and national average. Nevertheless as the population of the city is growing, so is alcohol and drug abuse.

  • Drunken driving is a growing issue in the city and is mainly seen among college going students.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse is rising among working professionals and college students as these substances are easily available around the city.
  • Over 30% of college students admit to consuming alcohol more than once a week.

Intervention: Accept the Problem

Intervention and acceptance is necessary for successful rehabilitation. Our Addiction Rehab  is aware of the fact that addiction is hard to beat for residents in cities like Sacramento. We make sure that the support of friends and family is available during interventions as this process can be very emotional. Our experts help plan interventions way ahead of time and make sure that they are staged at the right time so that interventions have the intended outcome.

Effective Withdrawal Management with Alcohol Detoxification Programs

Withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable and painful and most help-seekers give up during this phase. Even the thought of withdrawal symptoms can prevent an alcohol-dependent from seeking help.  Our Addiction Rehab provides 24×7 care and monitoring to help recovering individuals manage withdrawal symptoms. We customize the detoxification treatments to match the withdrawal symptoms of any Sacramento help-seeker. Apart from managing symptoms with medication, we provide intensive counseling sessions to keep recovering alcohol-dependents on track.

Sacramento Alcohol Rehabilitation: Change your Life!

After successful intervention and detoxification, the help-seeker is ready to move to the advanced rehabilitation phase. Our expert case managers and counselors help recovering alcohol-dependents from Sacramento address psychological causes of alcoholism. They also impart valuable life skills and tools that the help-seeker can use to resist urges and live a healthier lifestyle. Our rehab programs equip help-seekers to live alcohol-free lives long after they have completed addiction treatments with us.

To know more about our addiction treatment programs or if you are ready to seek help – contact us today!